Fun Honey Facts

Flavours of Honey

Honey comes in many flavors depending on from which flower the bees gather the nectar. There are many flavors of wild flower honey. In our area the bees collect what we call Meadowblend in the early summer and Wildflower in the fall.

Buckwheat honey has a special flavour, malty and mildly nutty.

The flavours vary from year to year. Not only are the flavors varied, but honey also comes in many different forms. Comb, chunk, fine textured, liquid, and even solid honey that is sometimes called granulated are all forms of honey.

We are most familiar with liquid and fine textured forms. Liquid and fine textured honey are recommended for baking.

Basswood, Wildflower, Meadowblend Honey


Propolis is tree sap collected by bees. Naturally anaerobic, anti-viral & anti-fungal.

Royal Jelly

Royal jelly-the hormone rich food of the Queen bee-gives her longevity, fertility & size.

Bee Venom

Bee venom is an effective anti-inflammatory. We use it in liniments for pain relief.