Photo Gallery

The Beeyard
The Honey Shop

Our honey shop has an interesting selection of gifts; everything from bee books to honey pots; skin cream to yummy honey apple butter and much more. We’ve extracted pounds and pounds of honey since 1974 to fill our barrels with golden meadowblend, wildflower, basswood and rich Ontario buckwheat. All fantastic blends gathered from the idyllic landscapes around the farm and throughout the Nipissing Region. We have Ontario Buckwheat too!

The Beehive Bus

The Beehive Bus sits proudly on our property by the barn and is a perfect spot for us to give people an inside look at a beehive, show them the equipment we use, and answer all sorts of questions.

Come rain or shine, Beehive Bus bustles with activity on tour days. Open for the full season, we welcome our guests to wander on in, look around, touch a bunch of stuff, and take some time to read about the honey bee. You might even see a few bees while you’re at it.

After a visit to the Beehive Bus everyone in the tour group gets a little candle to take home.