Why Is Honey Good For You?

Explore the health benefits of honey.

Honey – A Natural Wonder

Here you’ll find a little bit of information about the health benefits of honey. There’s so much to learn about ‘nature’s gold’ as you will see by the hundreds of books and articles found in libraries and stores, plus the thousands of honey related sites you’ll find on the web.

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Honey: A Magical Mystery

Honey has been around for a long time – they say millions of years – and yet we know so little about it.

That’s why scientists and researchers are working hard to make new discoveries and to ensure the bees don’t disappear..

Honey is gathered from nectar of the blossoms of many flowers visited and pollinated by bees. It is then taken into the beehive and changed by the worker bees. Worker bees remove the liquid from the nectar.

The finished product is heavy syrup with 12 to 20 percent moisture and 80 to 85 percent sugar. It’s a good source of quick energy for the human body.

Measuring a Beehive

Health Benefits of Honey and Other Bee Products

Honey boasts many medical benefits.

Unpasteurized Honey

Unpasteurized honey absorbs easily into the body, balancing blood glucose, building pollen antibodies, increasing energy & revitalizing electrolytes!


Pollen, a super food, has trace amounts of all vitamins (excluding D&B12), minerals, enzymes & contains 25% protein. Try in smoothies, on cereal or chew in the mouth.


Propolis is tree sap collected by bees. Naturally anaerobic, anti-viral & anti-fungal. An effective anesthetiser & anti-inflammatory. Great to ease sore throats & infections of all types.

Royal Jelly

Royal jelly-the hormone rich food of the Queen bee-gives her longevity, fertility & size. Effective to aid hormonal imbalances, increase energy & tissue recovery.

Bee Venom

Bee venom is an effective anti-inflammatory. It stimulates hormones, nerves & blood circulation.


Beeswax skin creams naturally create a barrier against moisture loss. Burning a beeswax candle neutralizes environmental ion energy, cleans allergens & dust from the air acting as a sleep aid.

Honey as a Cough Remedy:

Honey has aided in bad coughing spells for years. An effective mix for coughing is to peel and finely chop one pound of onions. Add two ounces of honey and ¾ of a pound of brown sugar in two pints of water. Simmer gently over low heat for three hours. When cool, put in an airtight container and take four to six tablespoons a day. As in any illness, it is best to consult a doctor. It is also a mild laxative.

Honey for Allergies:

People have also boasted that chewing the thin wax cappings sliced from the comb of honey once a day for one month before the start of the hay fever season greatly reduces hay fever symptoms. Chewing these cappings has also helped sinus sufferers.