Honey is one of earth’s most perfect foods. It is made by the Honey Bee from nectar of flowers. It contains no fat and is a natural sweetener. It should be stored at room temperature in a dry place. Unpasteurized honey will crystallize in time; this is a natural way of preserving itself.

To re-liquify put container in a pan of warm water to start and continue adding hotter water, or put jar on in a baking pan, remove the lid, place into your oven at warming heat. As soon as the glass is warm the honey will being to melt. In 20 minutes it should be close to liquid. Bring out immediately. Stir in any solids, if any. Wear heat safe gloves; it heats up quickly. It should stay liquid for a several weeks.

Natural Unpasteurized Honey is collected by the bees over a summer season. Our bees visit different flowers from multiple bloom varieties and experience changes in nectar flow due to weather variables, all this combined changes your taste experience for year to year.

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