Natural Cosmetics

It takes 10lbs of honey eaten by honeybees to create 1lb of wax for our natural cosmetics. During this process, taking place in abdominal glands, the bee drinks in the honey, adds collected tree resins (pine, balsam, poplar & birch in our region). Tree resin or sap naturally contains antibiotic, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties to protect the tree from disease and pests – honeybees line their hive with it for those proposes! Resin also contains sebum which is an important oil present in human skin, responsible for its elasticity. As we age sebum deteriorates, yes, causing wrinkles to form!

In all our cosmetics we use our farm produced beeswax, and quality essentials oils as fragrance. The product is produced fresh throughout the year and last approximately 5 years before oils begin to shift in quality. Sometimes as the jar empties, the water will separate. Leave the lid off for a few days to evaporate the water and continue its use.

DO NOT FREEZE any cream product. This causes significant separation of the product.

REMEMBER TO TEST FIRST – Although these products contain 100% natural ingredients and essential oils these products may irritate the skin. To test please massage a small amount on the arm. Leave for 24hrs. If any significant redness or itching occurs discontinue use.

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